Koehler Renewable Energy and vento ludens commissioned Edintore Wind Farm, which consists of 6 Enercon E-92 wind energy converters, at the start of 2017. These were the first turbines of their kind to be built in Scotland. The site is operating at full capacity and powering up to 12,000 homes annually.

Construction started in July 2015 with the ground works including new onsite tracks. The terrain made this especially difficult due to its steep topography. Nicolas Christoph, Managing Director of KRE UK Ltd. said, “the Enercon Installation team and local contractors worked hard to construct groundworks and install the turbines as per programme. We are delighted that the wind farm is now energised and operating after a very successful construction phase.”

During operation the wind turbines are serviced and maintained by a dedicated service team based in Moray and the site continues to host grazing cattle and sheep in addition to small areas of woodland.

A community benefit package of £5000 per megawatt is managed by a community organisation for funding and supporting local community projects in the region. This will be in place for the lifetime of the wind farm and will amount to around £1,700,000 over the course of 25 years.

Koehler Renewable Energy Ltd. are continuing to explore wind, solar and hydro opportunities in Scotland.

Any queries relating to Edintore Wind Farm can be directed to John Cuthbert.